A reusable exhibition stand that you can use for years, can build yourself, but that looks sleek, striking and professional? It can be easy with us isyLED 12.1 stand system.

  • This system is made up of lightweight plastic profiles = ease of use.
  • Powerful power LEDs are built into the profiles to nicely illuminate the printed canvases on the front = stand out.
  • The frames and printed cloths can be reused dozens of times and last for years = low costs per exchange.

This corner stand of 5x4 meters is striking and high-tech by using powerful canvases lit from the inside. Even the tables (these are not included in the price) and the counters are lit from the inside for an atmospheric appearance. It is impossible to pass this stand without at least looking at it. A display case has been placed in the corner for the presentation of samples and products. Just like the stand itself, this display case is also collapsible and easy to carry in a bag on wheels.

This 5x4-002 stand is composed of these parts:

The printing of this stand:

The printing of the LED walls and the counters are made on a special fabric, intended to be illuminated from the back, so-called backlighting. This brings the print to life and makes it extra striking. We use a dye-sublimation printing technique for printing the cloths. With this technique we ensure that the ink, unlike other printing techniques, penetrates into the fibers of the fabric. This makes the cloths excellently foldable and can be reused, folded, stored and used again and again. Without the print quality suffering.

The fabric we use is a fabric that is fire retardant according to the B1 standard. This is now mandatory at many exhibition locations in Europe. The ink we use is water based. This is because they are safer and less vulnerable to the environment.

Modular customization and expansion

This modular stand is made up of a number of frames that are mutually coupled. By omitting, connecting or adding frames or parts differently, this stand can easily be adapted to, for example, another stand space. You can also adjust or order the cloths. So that you also match the appearance and communication of the stand to the fair, your target group or product.

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When purchasing this mobile exhibition stand 5x4-002, we provide you with the following:

  • Complete LED back wall of 3+2 meters based on us isyLED 12.1  - illuminated from the inside with the latest LED technology
  • Complete 3+1 meter LED sidewall based on us isyLED 12.1  - illuminated from the inside with the latest LED technology
  • 2x LED counter
  • Mobile showcase isyTWIST 200cm round
  • Luxury transport bags on wheels for the transport and storage of the walls, counters and display case
  • The full printing of the walls, counters and showcase

Not included in the purchase are the furniture, the floor covering and the layout of the graphic files to be able to make the prints (cloths).


LED back wall:

Width Height Depth Weight
300 cm 250 cm 12 cm approx. 30 kg
300 cm 250 cm 12 cm approx. 24 kg

LED sidewall

Width Height Depth Weight
300 cm 250 cm 12 cm approx. 30 kg
100 cm 250 cm 12 cm approx. 14 kg

2x LED counter:

Width Height Depth Weight
100 cm 100 cm 45 cm approx. 25 kg

Mobile showcase

Diameter Height Weight
60 cm 200 cm approx. 30 kg

Exhibition booth 5x4-002

Corner stand 5x4 meters with display case and counters

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