Practical and beautiful. For your presentation, look for a combination of a exhibition wall and a counter? And do you want to carry as few suitcases, bags and parts as possible? Then this might be the best solution for you.

This roller case is very useful as storage and transport of a number of different pop-up exhibition walls from our range, such as:

From suitcase to beautiful and practical counter

With the isyPOP Countercase you only need to take one suitcase with you that contains your complete exhibition wall and all the parts to transform the suitcase into a beautiful and practical counter. For example, there are a number of intermediate shelves at the back so that you can store things out of sight.

This is how you build the isyPOP Countercase:

  • Remove the exhibition wall and the parts of the counter from the suitcase and put the exhibition wall up first
  • Now put the suitcase on the short side up and fold both parts apart
  • Then remove the top sheet from the cover, unfold it and place it on the top sheet
  • Now click the top sheet onto the counter by means of the locks at the bottom of the sheet.
  • Place the black plastic strip at the bottom around the suitcase, and secure it with the Velcro
  • Now you can roll out the counter print, fold it around the suitcase and secure it at the back with Velcro

Finally, place the intermediate shelves at the back of the counter and voilà, your counter is ready-for-action.

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  • Exhibition wall and counter together in one suitcase
  • Top available in white, black or silver
  • Includes protective cover for the top
  • Includes 4 intermediate shelves for storing your belongings
  • Including tube for pop-up panels
  • Practical and beautiful!



Height Width Depth  Weight 
97 cm 125 cm 60 cm 24 kg


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isyPOP Countercase

Exhibition wall transport case and counter in one!

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